Our Team

charles w. randall, m.d.

Charles W Randall, MD, is the CEO and founder of Primera LLC.

Dr. Randall’s renowned 30-year career in clinical gastrointestinal research includes peer reviewed publications, teaching awards both nationally and internationally, a national research award, a book chapter, and international speaking tour. He has appointments to advisory boards of medical affairs divisions and research and development departments of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies engaged in gastrointestinal research. This research has resulted in FDA approval of medications used to manage IBD, GERD, IBS, CIC, and OIC, as well as off- label uses of existing agents to treat esophageal motility disorders, gastric dysrhythmias, NUD, SIBO, functional disorders, and extra – intestinal manifestations of IBD.

Dr. Randall graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch, where he was first introduced to research. This initial exposure was honored with a research award by the school faculty. It was that pivotal point when he decided upon a career that blended clinical endeavors and academic interests would be his life’s calling. After matriculation through medical school, he entered residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where his passion for clinical investigation was nurtured. His path led him to Washington University and a collaboration with an internationally recognized faculty resulting in studies in the fields of esophageal disorders, functional disorders, pharmacology, novel endoscopic techniques, and Inflammatory bowel disease. Following completion of his fellowship he entertained several full-time academic positions before deciding to return to his hometown of San Antonio.

Upon returning, Dr. Randall joined the clinical faculty of the University of Texas, San Antonio and began his dream of building a gastrointestinal research unit. This institution is devoted to educating students, residents, and fellows toward investigator-initiated studies and clinical trials in collaboration with research and development teams from the pharmaceutical industry.

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